Randy ‘Wildman’ Brown (Rander Phillip Adams), is indeed a true Sagittarian-November 23, 1953-who was born on the West side of Jackson, Mississippi in an area known as Washington Addition--"That Dog Gone ‘Dition". He is the son of the late Charlie James and Frances B. Adams with two siblings: Johnnie Adams and Lydia B. Adams-Macklin. He attended Emma Lee Isable Elementary, Blackburn Jr. High, and Jim Hill High before his 1971 graduation from W. H. Lanier High School as Class President. He attended Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, MS., from 1971-1972. He later attended Jackson State University where he majored in Mass Communications and became an active member of the campus radio station: WJSU, 88.5 FM. In 1978, Randy ‘Wildman’ Brown joined the staff at WYAZ in Yazoo City, MS., and later moved to WQBC in Vicksburg, MS., WOKJ and WKXI in Jackson, MS. Today, Randy ‘Wildman’ Brown demonstrates his vast knowledge and experiences in the broadcast industry every Tuesday night on WMPR, 90.1 FM (Mr. Charles Evers) radio in Jackson, MS., from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. (www.wmpr901fm.com).


Moreover, I invite you to visit Tunein.com and search for voice of the community WMPR/90.1, then click on Listen Live. There is also information about bookings, cd purchases and other activities. Notably, Randy ‘Wildman’ Brown made a re-acquaintance with the late Senator Jones (Uncle BoBo) of Hep' Me Records, where he began production of his first musical project as a solo artist. Though this debut project is ongoing as to the forthcoming cd, “Just One More Day”, you are hereby provided a glimpse of a new and very prominent artist who shall offer much, much more for many years to come. Track 1- ”Lucky Charm“-represents the epitome of GOD’s Blessing to One in having a reciprocal Significant Other. Track 2-”Cold Weather” -mirrors the loneliness that could be lodged in one’s heart from the loss of a significant other and the reality of life afterwards. Track 3- “Just One More Day” (Co-wrote by Miz Wild)-portrays a positive message which unites the bonds of love between two-as one-whereby the formula being: “Communication brings Understanding, Understanding brings Trust, Trust brings Love“. Track 4-”At Midnight“-serves as a depiction of one who realizes how important it is to have a love at your side in the middle of the night when you wake up feeling all alone and in need of someone you know who cares that you can talk to. Track 5- "Hooked On You Baby"-was penned especially for Miz Wild (Janice Delores Lee-Adams), Track 6- "Jail House Blues"-has an up tempo drive which reflects upon various scenarios which one may encounter while incarcerated (spiritually, mentally, physically or ALL of the above) . Track 7- “Cold Weather-Lady J‘s Mix"-a vintage instrumental…soothing to Miz Wild (Janice) and all Ladies…everywhere as it’s flavored with the easy listening “old school” Stax Records influences of Booker T & the MGs. Track 8. “Keep Me Satisfied”- an “old school” steppers’ blast, could be regarded as a straightforward expression made to your significant other while clearly advising them of the necessary simplicities of life which should be the sole focus upon everyone in providing cohesiveness in any relationship.


Notably, Randy ‘Wildman’ Brown later in life married his childhood sweetheart-Janice Delores Lee-Adams, "aka" Miz Wild who provides her absolute support and encouragement necessary to be the best he can be. In other words, Janice (“Miz Wild”) is the unique divine catalysis of Randy "Wildman" Brown as both husband and artist in all aspects and endeavors of his life today. He promises you that ALL tracks from his debut Cd (dedicated to His Wife) “Just One More Day”(when complete by JDA Records) will offer a positive message like never before with strong vibrant melodic lines!

I wholeheartedly respect and recognize the dedicated assistance in this debut project provided to me by Ms. Tammi ‘SYyMBOL’ Killingsworth (Graphics & Printing), the late Harrison ‘Cap’ Calloway-”Mr. Music” (Arrangements), Forrest ‘Juke’ Gordon (Gate Studios), Stevie J. (Guitar), Greg Flowers (Guitar), Melvin ‘House Cat’ Hendricks (Arrangements), Ken ‘Polk’ Gore (Gore Studios), and last but not least: “YOU: My Dedicated Listeners and Supporters---whose voice resonates daily saying “Randy ‘Wildman’ Brown…make it happen“!----“I’ll Sock It To You Baby”


You May Contact Me at:


Randy Wildman Brown

401 E. South Street, #2647, Jackson MS 39207-2647



NOTE: Condolences from Randy Wildman Brown and Janice (“Miz Wild”) to family and friends of  Harrison ‘Cap‘ Calloway-”Mr. Music”  (Master-writer, producer, arranger, FRIEND) who abruptly was called HOME by GOD on April 30, 2016. His arrangements and work performed with Randy “Wildman” Brown shall forever serve as a memorial of GOD’S ingenuity being provided through him in this project (“Just One More Day”) from the outset.


 “GOD BLESS YOU ALL“!!!--Rander Phillip Adams aka ‘Randy Wildman Brown




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